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Welcome to the new year-course 2018/2019!

Hello students and families!

The English teachers welcome you to this site. Here we will post tools and information about what we'll work in the English and Science classroom of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. 

We will update it every week. We encourage you to make suggestions about the blog. 

Let's takeoff!

¡Hola estudiantes y familias!

Las profes de inglés os damos la bienvenida a este blog. Aquí publicaremos recursos e información sobre los contenidos que veamos en clase de naturales e inglés de 1º y 2º de Primaria.

Lo actualizaremos semanalmente. Además os animamos a que nos hagáis sugerencias para mejorar este espacio que vamos a compartir. 

Y sin nada más que añadir, ¡despegamos!

See you at the school!


Popular posts

Everybody has a body! song

Hello everyone! Today in class we danced this song!

We hope you like it!

Here you have the lyrics! 

Everybody has a body
Everybody has body parts, body parts
You have 10 fingers You have 10 toes You have 2 eyes And you have 1 nose You have 2 arms You have 2 legs And you have hair on the top your head
Everybody has a body
And everybody has body parts, body parts 
You use your hands to pick things up You use your arms to give great bug hugs You use your legs to run around And your feet always touch the ground 
Everybody has a body
And everybody has body parts, body parts 
You use your eyes when you're looking You use your nose to smell what's cooking You use your ears to hear this song You use your mouth to sing along
Everybody has a body
And everybody has body parts, body parts 
Hey everyone...I have an idea! Why don't we all play a game...ok, here we go! Touch you head Touch your toes Touch your arms Touch your nose Shake your head Wiggle your toes Wave your arm…

First day songs!

Hello everyone!
Wellcome to our class blog. Here you have the songs we sang to introduce the year course.
Have a nice weekend!

 Hello, hello! song
Numbers to ten song
 Days of the week song

First activities pictures!

Hello families!
This september we've worked very hard! Here you have some examples of our work!
¡Hola familias!
Este septiembre hemos trabajado mucho. Aquí tenéis unas muestras del trabajo que hemos hecho.

Have a nice week!
Que tengáis feliz semana.

Balanced diet

Each product gives us different nutrients thus, we have to have a balanced diet.

Cada alimento nos aporta diferentes nutrientes, por ello, debemos de seguir una dieta equilibrada.

Eating healthily.

This week we have learnt the importance of eating healthily, here you have the song we listen at the beginning of every lesson. Make sure students dance the choreography we created!

Esta semana hemos aprendido la importancia de comer de una forma saludable, aquí tenéis la canción que escuchamos cada día al principio de la clase. ¡Aseguraos que los alumnos os bailan la coreografía que hemos creado!

The body parts songs

Move your legs and arms! song

Healthy Diet

This week we are learning how we have to eat in order to follow a healhty diet! Do not forget to bring a healthy snack as well as coloring the food diary to see how we have to improve our diet.

Esta semana estamos aprendiendo como debemos de comer para seguir una dieta saludable. No olvidéis traer un almuerzo saludable y rellenar el diario de comida para ver como podemos mejorar.